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Leyla vor 8 Monaten

Hä, o.k. geht doch zu lesen.

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dollald trumpl vor 2 Jahren

Pst: In reality have I very big fear of myself and that the hole world will explode cause of me and therefore I must drink ever more allohol and so, my tongue wants never more so
like I want and I see overall red

I need urgently help...

But please: Don't tell that the democrats, the NSA and my wife because she beats me then

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dollald trumpl vor 2 Jahren

...with her tiffany-handbag ever and ever again on my head..

This is the secret of my hairstyle... LOL

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loloo vor 2 Jahren

ich sag die ganzezeit brot

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HPstaya vor 2 Jahren

Das ist eigentlich ganz schwer, denn man sieht ja das wort. Aber ich konnte das ganz leicht lösen


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